The Fudge

Every FudgePots fudge is created, hand-cooked and packaged by Catrin and Rita. We combine a traditional Welsh recipe and cooking techniques with Indian ingredients to create a unique range of sophisticated, flavourful fudges, including dairy and vegan fudge.


The spiced fudges, inspired by Bengali cuisine, use mild aromatic spices to add tang, savouriness or piquancy to the base fudge recipe. Think of salted caramels, times ten!

MISHTI MASALA — a warming fudge made with cardamom, ginger and turmeric, which gives the fudge a deep golden glow

PANCH PHORON — made with Bengali five-spice, this grown-up fudge is packed with exciting flavours

INDIAN ROSE — a fragrant, delicate fudge, with fennel and spices enhancing the rosewater. Vegan.

SALTED PISTACHIO — made with Saltan pink Himalayan rock salt and freshly-shelled pistachio nuts. Vegan and non-vegan available.

Vegan Fudge

FudgePots’ vegan fudges are developed individually, using coconut, cacao and oat products to replace dairy butter and milk. Much Indian food is vegetarian, so we have a wealth of inspiration to draw on. Vegans and non-vegans alike buy our vegan fudge because they love the flavours.

CHOCO COCO — a delicious blend of coconut and dark chocolate

SALTED PISTACHIO — savoury and salty sweet

INDIAN ROSE — a delicate, fragrant fudge made with fennel, spices and orange essence to freshen the rosewater


RICH CHOCOLATE — made with twice the usual amount of Fairtrade organic cocoa, this is seriously chocolatey

GOLDEN VANILLA — a smooth and creamy fudge with delicious notes of caramel and butter

GINGER SNAP — a spiced fudge made with ‘Christmas Cake’ spices, including cinnamon, allspice, orange and cloves


The fudge is naturally vegetarian and gluten free.

FudgePots fudge has no additives. Sugar, butter, water, milk, spices or essences. That’s it.

FudgePots is moving towards using 100% organic ingredients.

Mental health is as important as physical health. In moments of stress, we recommend snaffling a cheeky square of fudge. A little bit of what we fancy is immeasurably good for us.


Every FudgePots fudge is freshly prepared and packaged by Catrin and Rita in their kitchens in Penarth and Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan. Both kitchens hold the highest hygiene rating possible: five out of five stars.

Pots, pans, thermometers and aprons, not mechanised production lines.


We keep our home-kitchen operations as planet-friendly as possible by using:

·       Organic spices, essences and oils This benefits the soil & environment as well as exposing you to fewer pesticidal chemicals.

·       Fairtrade organic cocoa enriches our chocolate fudges and improves the lot of cocoa farmers.

·       Local ingredients, where possible This cuts down on journey miles and supports local farms.

·       Marine-friendly, compostable packaging VegWare bags are made from plant-based cellulose that is compostable. No compost bin? Put it in the bin. Unlike plastics, paper or glass there is no need to recycle it. It simply breaks down into organic matter.


Fudge has a naturally long shelf-life. Store it in a cool, dark place. We don't recommend refrigerating it, as this damages the texture.

FudgePots fudges make great gifts, after-dinner treats and private enjoyment. Squirrel it away for a private moment or a treat on a dark day. Although our market customers have said it doesn’t last the walk home . . .