How long will the fudge last?

Each bar or bag carries a Best Before date and Batch no. The fudge will likely keep for much longer under the right storage conditions (we regularly munch on some made months ago) but the fudge is at peak freshness during the first few weeks. After this, the texture and flavour can alter based on the atmospheric conditions of place it is stored.

How is it best stored?

Like a cake: in an airtight tin kept in a cool place. Do not refrigerate it. The sugar content is a preservative so it does not need to be chilled. The moisture in the fridge results in a marked change to the consistency of the fudge, as it takes on water. Keep the fudge in a cool place and avoid regular temperature changes. ie do not keep the tin in a cupboard near an oven or in a steamy kitchen.

Will you make fudge to a custom order?

We have done this is in the past. Online and market cooking takes precedent. We currently only cook the FudgePots flavours. Contact us with large batch requests.

What are the FUdgepots’ favourite flavours?

Catrin: “My current flavour is the Choco Coco, in the vegan range of flavours. I don't have much of a sweet tooth (which is handy, when in a kitchen surrounded by tempting fudge!) but I do like Bounty bars, especially the dark chocolate version, and that is what Choco Coco reminds me of. The current batch is particularly fragrant and redolent of Abroad. I can almost see the palm trees! I have enjoyed a few lumps with a cold homemade citrus drink with plenty of ice. Delicious with a dark rum & coke."

Rita: ‘I love the Panch Phoron, with it’s indescribably savoury but moreish taste. The bitter notes bring the sweet fudge to life. But it changes depending on my mood or situation. For example, with a soothing cup of tea: Warm Spice. With a strong wake-up or after-dinner coffee: Indian Rose (vegan) or Himalayan Salted Pistachio. . .’

Where can I buy it?

From our online shop or at one of the food events we will attend this year. See the events list.

How much sugar is in it?

A lot! But you knew that already.
Everything in moderation and a little bit of what we fancy won’t kill us!