I Should Choco Coco! Chocolate Coconut Fudge

Like all our handmade fudges, Choco Coco is a subtly spiced fudge. You won't taste the lime zest or paprika but they're in there, contributing to a flavour more complex and interesting than might usually be expected. The texture is deliberately smooth yet crumblier than most of our fudges, similar to the loose, airy texture of sweets made with grated coconut (although there is no dessicated coconut in Choco Coco).

Get carried away with Choco Coco

Get carried away with Choco Coco

Our Choco Coco fudge pleases chocoholics, children, adults, vegans and non-vegans alike, with its flavours of deep rich chocolate and delicate coconut. The recipe was invented by Rita, whose father is Bengali. Having grown up with Indian cuisine, much of which is dairy free or vegan, it came naturally to Rita to use coconut and cocoa products to create the effect of dairy milk and butter. This is in no way a vegan 'substitute' fudge but a delicious product in its own right: with its cool coconut flavours, reminiscent of tropical holidays and piña coladas (recipe below), it is one of our most refreshing fudges.

Ideas for serving Choco Coco:

1.  Cut two or three lumps up and scatter over coconut ice cream or a tropical fruit sorbet such as mango or lychee. It also goes very well (as most chocolate things do) with summer raspberry frozen puddings.

2.  Sprinkle slices of pineapple with brown sugar, ginger and cinnamon. Grill until the sugar melts, and top with crumbled Choco Coco. This also works with upside-down pineapple cake.

3.  For a child's birthday: pile cut-up Choco Coco pieces on top of a chocolate birthday cake iced in white. Scatter a few shreds of grated or dessicated coconut on top of the fudge, just enough to create a contrast of colours; or a few curls of white chocolate also look pretty.

4.  Eat it as it is on the beach, at a BBQ, after Hawaiian pizza or while listening to Desert Island Discs in the bath and drinking chilled tropical juice or an icy rum & Coke. Bliss!

 As ever, FudgePots uses only Fairtrade & organic cocoa to flavour its Choco Coco fudge; see worldcocoafoundation.org to learn more.

The combination of chocolate and coconut instantly transports you to a sunny island somewhere. We hope it gives you that holiday feeling at home!

Recipe: Despite its old-hat 1980s vibe, Piña colada is still an excellent cocktail when done properly; as are virgin coladas. Blend or mix pineapple juice, coconut milk or cream, a splash of lime juice, sugar and ice to taste. For the alcoholic version, add a light rum. Serve with a few lumps of Choco Coco on the side.

Catrin Thomas-Price