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Handmade Welsh spiced fudge that brings Kolkata to Cymru
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Discover deliciously spiced Dairy and Vegan fudge

Let your tastebuds travel from CARDIFF to Kolkata in one mouthful


Our fudge

We handmake fudge flavoured with spices traditionally used in Bengali cooking, such as cumin, fennel, turmeric and even mustard and fenugreek. We also offer a few beloved traditional flavours such as vanilla and chocolate, as well as vegan flavours. The fudge is cooked to a Welsh family recipe prized for its creaminess and smooth texture. All the fudge is hand-cooked by Catrin and Rita in their kitchens in the Vale of Glamorgan. This is fudge like you have never tasted before! Sign up below and we’ll alert you once the shop is open.


Our story

Catrin and Rita are FudgePots. We decided to combine our love of food and creating to reinvent an old favourite for a new generation. Food has been a driving force in both our families’ personal histories and we wanted to represent this in our joint venture. Catrin’s mother shared the details of her secret recipe and Rita’s father inspired the use of spices to create exciting flavour combinations. After experimenting and tasting, and tasting and experimenting, over an uncharacteristically hot Welsh summer, FudgePots handmade, spiced, Bengali-inspired Welsh fudge is here to stay.


join us on our journey into sugar and spice, and discover fudge for a new generation